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SoFi for Supply Chain Management

Your business relies heavily on your supply chain. It is important, therefore, that you have full confidence in your suppliers and that they understand and respect your company values. No matter the size of your business, today’s supply chains are often complex and global, making communication and clarity of performance challenging, exposing your business to increased risk.

It is vital for today’s businesses to have instant and up-to-date data on their suppliers and associates. Those that do, enjoy complete peace of mind in the knowledge that their supply chain is supporting their corporate responsibility initiatives and meeting the values of their customers and employees.



With SoFi you can:

  • ensure your social and environmental targets and values are being respected by your suppliers
  • collect  disparate data and integrate it into one manageable, collaborative system
  • deliver automated questionnaires that collect any data metric over any time period from suppliers and associates across any location and system
  • rely on reporting your supply chain metrics correctly


  • gain full view into your supplier's performance, allowing you to rate them against their peers
  • increase clarity of your data, what will highlight hot spots, gaps and trends that need to be remediated in good time
  • analysze data easily and quickly and turn the information gathered into actionable knowledge 


  • ensure the strength of your supply chain by setting shared business goals and manage appropriate initiatives to reach them
  • identify areas of risk and build mitigating action plans with confidence
  • manage, engage and motivate an increased performance in your partners and associates



Key Benefits: 

Ease of audit & reporting, with all data held in one place

Capture any metric, anywhere and at any time through fully integrated forms and mobile apps

Automated partner follow-ups drives greater data completeness and reporting accuracy

Real time view of identified risk and opportunity

Analyze and rank supplier performance

Encourage proactive engagement and collaboration with partners and associates

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