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Energy and Carbon

SoFi for Energy & Carbon

Modern organizations no longer see energy & carbon management as a mere compliance step. Increasingly, businesses are seeing it as a forecasting activity. Only by building a clear picture into our company’s footprint, can we take the steps needed to bring down emissions and minimize energy costs. Accredited annually by CDP, reporting to these bodies comes at the simple press of a button.


SoFi as an automated and secure solution helps to:

  • evaluate and manage your energy & carbon performance with confidence 
  • save on reporting time and resources so you can concentrate on reducing emissions
  • automatically create reports and conform them to the latest reporting standards, bringing complete trust in the output generated
  • gain flexibility and power by making reporting as efficient as possible.

SoFi on Salesforce


  • easily convert your energy consumption into emissions data with Sofi’s pre-built and always up-to-date library of emission factors, saving you countless hours of data crunching
  • Manage and improve your energy reduction initiatives by discovering trends, hot spots and leaks
  • quickly highlight opportunities for efficiency gains by bringing energy consumption data together with its associated cost


  • set new and improved business goals that result in a reduction in cost and consumption
  • implement an energy reduction culture and receive backing from stakeholders and your employees
  • engage your entire team in sustainable initiatives 
SoFi on Salesforce


Key Benefits: 

Capture energy data using a mobile device, through direct integration to smart meters and via automated questionnaires

Accurately calculate, report and manage your energy impact

Identify cost savings by bringing energy consumption data together with energy spend

Save significant time & resources with an automatically updated emission factor database

Use insight gained to manage and improve energy reduction targets and initiatives

Motivate a proactive carbon reduction culture across all employees

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SoFi on Salesforce
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