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EHS & Sustainability Management

SoFi for EHS & Sustainability

Meeting statutory requirements is only one part of your organization’s EHS & sustainability journey. A well-thought-out management plan can hugely benefit your business by:

  • minimizing operational liabilities
  • improving corporate identity 
  • giving your business a renewed competitive advantage.
With SoFi you can predict and prevent risks with a wide range of flexible tools that expand your capabilities across all EHS & sustainability requirements and ensure your company is ready to effectively comply with regulations


 SoFi as a fully mobile solution allows you to:
  • capture EHS & sustainability details quickly and easily direct from sourcerecord your major and minor incidents and sustainability data in a consistent and effective way
  • giving you access to reliable and consistent information at any time
  • accurately and timely record and report data
  • immediate remedial action and prevention of repetition in the future
SoFi on Salesforce


With SoFi you can:

  • provide the clarity you need to produce actionable insight
  • identify hot spots, gaps and trends in the data
  • make analysis simple with easy to use and fully customizable reports and dashboard templates
  • review data at the click of a button and design your own control dashboards so you can effectively confirm that policies and practices are being met across your entire organization


SoFi solution allows:

  • EHS & sustainability performance to be viewed in real time, allowing you to evolve your strategy as you gain new insight
  • to set new and improved business goals and mitigate risk
  • to engage and motivate your employees
SoFi on Salesforce

Key Benefits: 

Easily gather and consolidate data into one source of truth

Access from anywhere and engage everyone with Mobile, Social and Smart capabilities

Report to multiple bodies from one source (including templates for CDP, GRI and others)

Analyze, track and improve EHS&S performance in real-time

Motivate employees to engage and accelerate EHS&S initiatives

Audit friendly, everything in one place 

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