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SoFi for CSR Management

Tracking and reporting on your company’s CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is fundamental for the progress of your business and its transparency with stakeholders. However, the information you need to collect is often spread across multiple systems and sources, making it a real challenge to gather and report on your progress. Streamline your process by using a fully integrated solution like SoFi and concentrate even more resources on fine-tuning your strategy and innovating within your business.


With SoFi you can:

  • quickly and easily gather  data from multiple sources, including your employees, and report your sustainability metrics with confidence to CDP and many others
  • have all data in one easy to manage system
  • be flexible enough to cater for the metrics you are tracking today and the changes developing tomorrow
  • strengthen your reporting process and make it as efficient as possible
SoFi on Salesforce


  • find clarity within your data with our business intelligence tools
  • turn static metrics into real-time and actionable knowledge that will ensure you stay on track to hit your CSR goals
  • discover trends and hotspots and build an early warning system that alerts you to areas of improvement and highlights possible risks
  • improve your company’s reputation, guarantee employee welfare and retain & attract top talent by reporting your success against your target metrics in real-time


Implement, monitor and manage your CSR culture with the help of SoFi by:

  • reacting to the data insight you have gathered by setting companywide targets
  • motivate your team to partake in innovation and ensure you hit your KPIs 
  • creating a CSR engaged workforce and delivering a continuous improvement in performance, year on year
SoFi on Salesforce

Key Benefits: 

Manage any metrics, anytime, anywhere

Streamline data capture using fully integrated forms and mobile apps

Easy to use application with intuitive user interface

Engage and motivate every employee to become a CSR champion using gamified challenges and rewards

Promote CSR progress and awareness using TV leaderboard displays

Create an early warning system that alerts you to areas of CSR improvement and highlights possible risks


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